Women In The Supply Chain

The 2017 Women’s Movement Continues to Phase Two: Women and Leadership 

Time Magazine’s 2017 Person of the Year was named as the “Silence Breakers” those who have spoken up about hard topics – sexual assault and harassment in the workplace and other areas. The topic came to a stronger light this year with the rise of the #metoo campaign, a movement that encouraged women to speak out about their own experience. The movement’s explosive growth has also led to clearing the path for beginning to speak about other issues women face in the workplace, such as pay gaps and the glass ceiling.

Melinda Gates recently spoke out in Time Magazine about this next chapter in the women’s movement: women and leadership. Melinda says, “So here is my pitch: if we want to change the world, we should invest in the people who already are. In 2018 that will mean challenging ourselves to do a better job of finding and funding grassroots women’s movements. Right now, less than 2% of global funding for gender issues goes to local women’s organizations.”

Melinda says women organizations are already moving the world forward despite a significantly low budget. With full support behind them, these organizations would be ever more impactful. “I’m hopeful that in 2018, we’ll do more than imagine that future. We’ll start making it a reality.”

As a leader in the supply chain and material handling industry, MHI is bringing change by leveraging the women’s movement and elevating women as leaders in business. This year at MODEX Show, one of the industry’s top expos powered by MHI, we’re hosting the Women In the Supply Chain Industry Forum. In partnership with MHEDA we’re bringing an afternoon of discussion, education and networking for women in our industry. This is a chance for women in the industry to unite and propel each other forward not only to better themselves, but to move their organizations and the industry towards more gender diversity and equal opportunity in the workplace.

Join your peers for this interactive event April, 9th in Atlanta to address common issues faced by women in the supply chain workforce today. Purchase tickets today!