4 Functional Shelving Accessories

Guest blog from MHI Member Company New Age Industrial

In many operations, shelving is what creates order in a world of chaos. Shelving provides a means to store things. It also makes them readily available and easy to find. Despite its importance, shelving is often considered one dimensional; four posts and a few adjustable shelves. Just stand it in a corner along the walls, and stack stuff on it. What if we said that shelving can be so much more? By utilizing the right accessories, the possibilities are endless.

Here are four functional accessories that can be added to shelving units to get the most out of them:

Pole Clips
To maximize shelf space in areas with runs of individual shelving units butted up against each other, pole clips are a great accessory to consider. Pole clips allow the shelves of two individual units to be “clipped” together eliminating two of the four posts. This essentially creates one common shelving unit. Also, the elimination of two posts adds more usable shelf space with fewer posts to work around.

How often do people clear inventory off their stationary shelving units to move them and clean underneath? Typically, it’s not very often because it requires two people, heavy lifting, and considerable time. Adding casters to shelving units makes cleaning under and around them quick and easy. Casters also provide the ability to repurpose stationary shelving units. Move them anywhere and use them in a variety of ways. The possibilities are only limited by one’s imagination.

Push Handles
Make shelving units much easier to push, pull and maneuver by simply adding a handle. Handles can be added to one or both sides of shelving units. This makes the task of transporting heavy loads a more manageable endeavor. Consider this handle a steering wheel for mobile racks.

Desks and Document Trays with Handles
The Desk and Document Tray is a favorite among shelving accessories. It is one of the most creative and useful accessories that can be attached to shelving units. It holds various items such as sheets of paper, scan guns, other small electronics, writing utensils and so much more. Not only does it house a variety of loose items, but the built-in handle allows for easy navigation throughout a facility.

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