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Mobile Access Control – Safety Barriers & Security Gates for Difficult to Secure Areas

Guest blog by MHI member Xpanda Quantum Security Products

Warehouse, distribution and manufacturing facilities can find themselves struggling to protect certain areas within their facility because the area or their situation is not “standard”, or is simply too big or complicated to protect.  Often with these locations, there isn’t just a single point of entry that needs to be protected such as a doorway, there may also be walls or ceilings that are too high to secure or build permanent or part time barriers onto.

Warehouse and distribution facilities may have the need to secure or restrict access to certain products, merchandise or areas. Using a mobile gate system provides the full protection needed, as well as the mobility to easily use it in multiple areas when needed. With unlimited configurations and lengths, even the most unique application can use a portable access control or safety barrier.

Manufacturing facilities have many more areas that a barrier would be required either for safety or access control. Maintenance crews may need to cordon off the area they are working in for safety reasons, and machinery can never have enough safety protection to avoid injury. These mobile units are incredibly effective.

Mobile gate systems are physical security gates either with a small 2 ¼” x 6” double diamond pattern or standard gate with 4 ¾ “x 13” diamond pattern with virtually unlimited uses. Standard heights of 76” to 98” can be customized to specific requirements with powder coated finish in white, gray, black or safety yellow.  They can quickly and easily be set-up, adjusted, moved or relocated without hassle. This makes them the ideal solution for large facilities that have many different segments inside, such as distribution centers, manufacturing warehouses, industrial plants and more.

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Industrial Applications of Mobile Security Gates

Industrial properties often having a number of potential hazards that need to be protected. Such as, areas may need to be barricaded in order to prevent falls or injuries.

When you use mobile access control-safety barriers or security gates for these applications, you make it significantly easier to restrict access to sensitive or potentially dangerous areas, while still maintaining convenient access when it’s needed. The system can easily be retracted and rolled away for other applications or for storage when not in use.

Mobile gate systems can be used to protect:

  • • Robotic arms
  • • Large machinery
  • • Coiling machines
  • • Conveyor belt systems
  • • Open pits or lifts
  • • Jobs in progress
  • • Designated areas
  • • Shipping doors and more

The concept of having a mobile – portable means of protecting employees from full time or occasional situations is a peace of mind solution.