8 Things to Tweet When Attending MODEX 2020

by Morgan Pettrone, Marketing Communications Program Manager at MHI | @mhi_morgan

At MODEX 2020 you will join 35,000+ attendees from the U.S. and over 140 countries across the globe. This is a great opportunity to maximize your networking opportunities at MODEX by connecting with other attendees on Twitter. But with so many people to connect with it can get overwhelming. To get the most out of your time, start creating a tweet strategy before attending in order to connect with other attendees and effectively share your experience with your followers.

Not sure where to get started? Follow these eight tips to plan a tweet strategy before you put on your MODEX attendee badge.

Use the Official MODEX Show Hashtag

Be sure to use the official MODEX show hashtag #MODEX2020 in all of your tweets about the event. By including the hashtag, you will join the MODEX conversation and increase your chances of engaging with other attendees talking about MODEX.

Follow @poweredbymhi

MHI powers MODEX and is the official Twitter account of MODEX show. Follow MHI @poweredbymhi on Twitter for live updates, show information and a chance to win giveaways! MHI is always looking for great content to share to over 11,000 followers on their feed. Engage with MHI by retweeting and liking posts or by mentioning @poweredbymhi in your tweets for a chance to get re-tweeted.

Let People Know You’re Attending

Post a tweet letting your followers know you will be attending MODEX in advance (don’t forget to use #MODEX2020). This will help you make connections with other MODEX attendees before the bustle of the show starts.

Tweet Photos and Videos

Capture your MODEX experience through images, video and live streaming. This is the most effective way to be noticed within a sea of tweets. Don’t forget to be creative. Share images of you and your team, the Georgia World Congress Center, behind-the-scenes footage from the event and more.

Engage with Others

Don’t forget that making connections through social media is not that different than making connections in person. At least 20% of your time on Twitter should be spent engaging with others. After all, would you want to befriend someone you met in person if the conversation was one sided? This means liking posts, mentioning others in your tweets, retweeting others, and commenting on tweets.

Tweet Takeaways During Presentations

MODEX will feature 150+ education sessions and 4 powerful keynotes not to mention the Women In Supply Chain Forum. There’s a lot of opportunity here to share quotes, insights and tidbits from the presentations. If the presenter shows an interesting slide, take a picture of it and share it with your followers!

Pro tip: Follow the MODEX keynote speakers on Twitter before the event. This way, when you quote a speaker or share a photo from their session, you can easily mention them in your tweet.

Ask Questions

Asking questions is a great way to engage with other MODEX attendees and find out more information. For example, not sure what education sessions to attend or what’s good at the MODEX Bistro? Ask your followers for feedback! Also, MHI is available around the clock to answer anything you need to know about the show. Just tweet your question to @poweredbymhi.

Share Helpful Information

Not all of your tweets need to be about the show floor or about speakers at MODEX. Attendees are just like you, looking for a great spot for dinner or the best place to get coffee in the morning. Share the helpful tips you learn with other attendees.

Now that you’re prepared with a tweet strategy it’s time to get started! MODEX is almost here, so whether you’re an avid Twitter user or you need go to dust off your Twitter account, it’s time to start networking and making connections. We can’t wait to see you soon at the greatest supply chain show on earth.