Three (and a half) Easy Ways to Leverage Social Media for MODEX 2018

By Alex Batty, MHI Marketing Communications Coordinator |@mhi_alex

If you haven’t been able to gather, @mhi_morgan and I are the social media gurus for MHI. (Sidenote: can I use a term other than ‘guru’? What if I want to be a ninja? Or a knight? SOCIAL MEDIA PIRATE!)

(Because this is the Internet, standard disclaimer: DON’T STEAL OTHER PEOPLE’S THINGS. REAL PIRACY BAD. DON’T DO BAD PIRATE-Y THINGS. ‘Tis hyperbole for the sake of cool costumes.)

In all seriousness though, over the last decade we’ve seen the power of social media and we’re all trying to figure out how to leverage it for business. Unfortunately the answer is to just be consistent, work hard, and learn to read the audience. There’s no magic bullet.

But you have to participate for social media to work. Hence the “social” part of it. Which leads me to MODEX 2018.

Here are three and a half easy ways to be social before, during, and after the show.

1. Use the hashtag. We’ve got a hashtag! #MODEXShow. We track this guy and tweet and retweet and repost using it. #CanYouHearMeNow?

2. Track our socials (and staff). The official MHI channels (where you’ll find all things MODEX, ProMat, and material handling related) are @poweredbymhi on Twitter, poweredbymhi on Instagram, (poweredby)MHI on Facebook, MHI on LinkedIn (with a special MODEX group), and, of course, this blog. Follow us to get updates and information. Right now we’re headed hardcore into our MODEX informational campaign, so get ready for mucho info.

Some of our staff also have Twitter handles, through which you can interact with them. The master post with links is here.

2.5 Be lazy efficient and repost our stuff. We work hard to craft messaging that informs (and has pretty pictures). And sometimes Morgan lets me off the leash and I get… goofy. GIFS ARE MAGIC, OKAY!!! And then she reigns me back in and I try to be normal again 🙂

3. Post about the show. Talk about what you’ll be doing at and bringing to the show. Talk about where you’re eating for dinner. Talk about the long cab ride from the airport. Post pretty pictures. Post cool pictures. Just make sure you use that hashtag (#MODEXShow) so we (and everyone else) can see it.

The more buzz we generate, the better. That’s the way social media works. It really is a popularity contest. It’s just the rules are… odd. And goofy. But sometimes so much fun.

MODEX is the largest manufacturing and supply chain expo held in North America and South America. The event will be held April 9-12, 2018 at Atlanta’s Georgia World Congress Center.

For more information on exhibiting or attending MODEX, visit