Accelerating Change: MHI Executive Summit Preview Videos

We live in a world where technology changes almost daily. As supply chain technology changes, companies need to adjust their practices in order to stay relevant to customer demands and avoid disruption. The 2016 MHI Executive Summit is addressing this with the theme: Accelerating Change.

In preparation for the summit, a series of eight videos has been produced to preview the content of this C-Level supply chain event taking place on October 16 in Tucson, AZ. You can view this video series at

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As you watch these videos, you’ll find that the first seven talk about different aspects of accelerating change and how companies – and thought leaders – are dealing with this change. The series  culminates in a video speaking about the secret to successful change in the age of acceleration: Trust. Trust leads to value-based decision making rather than power- or hierarchy-based decisions, which is critical to successfully managing and taking advantage of accelerating change.

Bottom line – the opportunities created by taking risks when it comes to accelerating change are greater than the disruptions they can cause. Executive level leaders must guide their companies through these changes and navigate new technologies in order to accelerate their company into the future. Those willing to assume this risk will shape the future of supply chains.

At the MHI’s 2016 Executive Summit you will learn how you, as an industry leader, can help your company and your supply chain adapt to accelerating change. The Summit will include six short, relevant and concise talks plus interactive discussions on the issues relating to this topic and how it is impacting supply chain leaders. To request an invitation to attend this important event, visit