New Video on MHI View: Aero-Robotics and Cycle Counts

As part of MHI’s ongoing video program, this new episode focuses on: Aero-Robotics and Cycle Counts

Drones have moved from science fiction concept to industry reality in just a few short years. While drones are generally used outdoors for tasks such as surveying, supply chains are in a unique position to use them indoors as well. In large warehouses keeping track of inventory can be very time and labor intensive. Even methods like cycle counting still require a significant time investment from multiple staff members.

Drones have a wide variety of applications to increase efficiency in supply chains. In this video, Jonathan Evans, Co-founder and CEO of Skyward explains that business applications for drones are only limited by a business’s creativity. Find out how you can use drones to improve your inventory management procedures. View full video.

Aero-Robotics and Cycle Counts

MHI view episodes also focus on the following supply chain technologies:
–Inventory and network optimization tools
–Sensors and automatic identification
–Cloud computing and storage
–Robotics and automation
–Predictive analytics
-Wearable and mobile technology
-3D Printing

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