AriAnne Sproat Named 2017 Face of the Supply Chain

MHI awarded International Technical Coatings (ITC) Chief Operating Officer AriAnne Sproat with the 2017 Face of the Supply Chain award at MHI Industry Night at ProMat 2017 on April 5. Award judges were inspired by her story and recognized Sproat as a role model for the next generation of workers in the supply chain.

Sproat began her journey at ITC as a receptionist and now works as the company’s COO. She proudly wears the trailblazer label for women in business and, in particular, the manufacturing industry. She has spent the past 18 years as a role model, demonstrating to the company founders and all employees that there is no task she can’t handle — and handle successfully.

View her story at Shattering the Manufacturing Glass Ceiling: How One Woman Rose from Receptionist To Plant Floor to C-Suite.

“This is so exciting! It’s truly an honor to be recognized for my accomplishments and I owe a big part of that to ITC and the opportunities they have given me to achieve that success,” said Sproat. “I’m proud to be the 2017 Face of the Supply Chain and hope my story will make an impact on those who are pursuing a career in the manufacturing industry.”

MHI’s #IWorkInTheSupplyChain campaign helps promote jobs within manufacturing and the supply chain as an innovative and rewarding career choice as an effort to change the perception of working within the industry. The goal of the program is to connect, engage and inspire next-generation workers to pursue manufacturing and supply chain careers.

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Supply chains are global enterprises led by a diverse group of professionals that utilize innovation, creativity and smart thinking to not only drive operational efficiency but to keep the economy going. MHI would like to thank these 16 participants who helped shine a positive light on the industry by sharing their #iWorkInTheSupplyChain story with us. Stay tuned to see which of these participants will win the 2017 Face of Supply Chain Award during MHI Industry Night at ProMatShow.