Building private 5G networks to support smart warehouses

Forward-leaning organizations are exploring how 5G and edge computing technologies can impact their supply chains. A recent Deloitte study showed 76% of executives surveyed believe 5G will become the most critical network technology within the next three years. Similarly, an NTT study found that 90% expect private 5G to become the standard network of choice in their industry within five years, with 80% planning to deploy private 5G networks within the next 24 months.

In April, Deloitte released a case study sharing their insights through its involvement in delivering a complete end-to-end 5G edge computing solution for a 45,000 square foot warehouse—from building the underlying 5G network to enabling the user equipment and applications that allow enterprises to achieve desired business outcomes.
The collaboration focused on applications that could directly benefit from the speed and reliability of a private 5G network, including autonomous mobile robots and precision asset tracking. It also presented the opportunity to explore leading cybersecurity practices and yielded lessons regarding private network architecture and implementation for future projects.

Download the case study here.