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MODEX 2018: The Post-Show Post (i.e. Recap)

By Alex Batty, MHI Marketing Communications Coordinator |@mhi_alex All right y’all. We’re now officially one week past the end of MODEX 2018, so it’s time for the big daddy recap. ‘Twil be a long post, but a lot happened! So. […]

MODEX 2018 By The Numbers

Quick bonus post today! Tomorrow we’ll take a deep dive into what all happened at MODEX in our recap blog, but for now, here’s MODEX 2018 by the numbers: Our attendee number was 30,944, which is a 25% increase over […]

Rack Safety 101: The Movie… Just Kidding, It’s a Webinar

On April 30, RMI is hosting a webinar! It’s on Rack Safety 101, and they’re going to cover topics like proper ways to assemble and install rack, training of operators, and inspection and maintenance of rack systems. To register for […]

MODEX Day 3: Rowe and Gaffigan Were Awesome

Day three was amazing! We of course have the daily recap video that we’ll link you to, but we have to talk about the highlights of the day: 2018 Annual Industry Report – The fifth edition of the report was […]

MODEX Day 2: Hippos and Geeks Abound

Day 2 of MODEX was busy and had a lot going on. Let’s jump in and hit the highlights: Andrew McAfee gave a great keynote on hippos and geeks. It’s not what you think. HPPO is an acronym for highest […]

MODEX 2018 – Opening Day Recap

Welcome back to show time, y’all! So thus begins the DAILY. RECAPS. *dun dun DUN* Just kidding. I wanted that to be dramatic for some reason *shrugs* What can I say. We heard from Juan Perez from UPS and the […]

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