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Putting an Elephant in Your Warehouse? Not as Weird as You’d Think.

By Alex Batty, MHI Content Marketing Program Manager | @mhi_alex What do elephants have to do with material handling? Actually, they could have quite an impact… but not in the way you’re thinking. Aside from the obvious metaphors about moving things […]

New Video on MHI View: Solving the 50-Foot Problem

The 50-foot problem is one of the most expensive challenges in home delivery. As cities become more urbanized, couriers struggle to find places to stop, and face the inconvenience of customers not being home to receive deliveries. In this episode […]

Industry Focus: Aerospace

Article from MHI Solutions The world of aerospace and defense (A&D) is rapidly changing, propelled by new innovations and challenged by the pandemic. It creates both economic difficulties and opportunities—and comes at a time when the push to Supply Chain […]

Talking Supply Chain Podcast: What’s Up With the Crazy Pallet Market?

Guest blog by MHI Member Company, Millwood Millwood, Inc’s own Doug Gaier, director – procurement/sales support, was the most recentguest on Supply Chain 24/7, a podcast hosted by Bob Trebilcock, to discuss the state of the lumber market. Lumber has […]

Data Analytics Support Manufacturing Capacity Analysis

Article from MHI Solutions Manufacturing companies are increasingly investing in data collection and analytics to create a competitive advantage. Internal data, such as transactional and log data, has been the primary source of big data for an overwhelming majority of […]

E-commerce Surge Driving Faster Adoption of Digital Supply Chain Networks

Article from MHI Solutions  Pre-pandemic, retailers and their supply chain partners were preparing for moderate, steady increases in online sales volumes every year. Those projections were blown away in 2020, as e-commerce experienced a 32.4% growth surge. As businesses struggled […]

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