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Everything You Wanted to Know About Lug Tubs & Dollies But Were Afraid to Ask

Guest blog by MHI Member Company New Age Industrial In this blog post, we are going to discuss lug tubs as well as some of the equipment used to transport them, lug dollies. What is a lug tub? What are […]

SLAM Solutions Optimize the Last 100 Feet of Fulfillment

Until SLAM got underway at the beginning of 2022, no MHI industry group specifically sought to optimize what practitioners sometimes call the “last 100 feet” in warehousing, distribution and fulfillment applications. SLAM—an acronym for Scan, Label, Apply and Manifest—now targets […]

Sensors, Data Up Efficiency at Loading Docks

The pandemic has shed light on the importance of cutting-edge technologies and products among members of MHI’s Loading Dock Equipment Manufacturers. As supply chains have become even more critical during this time, LODEM members are aiding warehouse managers, grocers and […]

Overhead Lifting Crane Safety Evolves with New Technology, Heightened Awareness

As high labor turnover continues to create an array of stiff challenges, the importance of devoting resources to safety in the field of overhead lifting cranes and hoists has never been more in focus. “There should be more emphasis than […]

3 Must-Have Features for Order Picker Platforms

Guest blog from MHI Member Company New Age Industrial Order picker Platforms are used for put, pick, and stage in fulfillment operations. When product arrives, goods are received and placed onto the platforms. Then these items are moved around and […]

Consumer Goods Industry Seeing Some Big Numbers

In today’s consumer goods industry, everything but the products themselves is substantially larger than just a few short years ago, including sales figures, profits, retail prices, supply chain disruptions and costs for raw materials, labor, transportation and warehousing. The numbers prove […]

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