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A Calculated Approach to Predictive Analytics

It wasn’t that long ago that the concept of predictive analytics was the stuff of thought leadership pieces and futuristic white papers. The recently released 2017 MHI Annual Industry Report, “Next-Generation Supply Chains—Digital, On-Demand and Always-On,” however, places predictive analytics […]

Augmented Reality Smart Glasses

If seeing is believing, then manufacturing, warehousing and distribution facilities throughout the supply chain can expect to be taking a closer look at the latest wearable technology emerging as a viable competitive advantage in operations: smart glasses leveraging augmented reality. […]

Supply Chain Transformers! How Robotics and Automation Are Changing the Game

At ProMat, people were saying: ‘That’s the future!’ I was saying: ‘That’s the present,’” says Rafael Granato, marketing director for MHI member PINC Solutions. He’s referring to the company’s drone systems, which can fly through a manufacturing or distribution center […]

Digital Supply Chain

MHI Digital, Always-On Supply Chain Update – Episode One: Next-Generation Supply Chains

MHI is embarking on a series of video updates on topics covered in the 2017 MHI Annual Industry Report. View episode one, Next-Generation Supply Chains. Next-Generation Supply Chains The pace of change towards digital supply chains is accelerating. According to the 2017 […]

Digital, Always-On Supply Chains Are the New Reality

Anyone who attended ProMat 2017 experienced it. Technology is disrupting supply chains and transforming them into more digital, connected and intelligent models. And there is no end in site. Consumers are driving this trend as they demand more buying options […]

Why Manual Material Transport Could Cost You $1M/Year

Guest Blog by Meghan Hennessey, OTTO Motors Automation in a job shop can be used to take on low-value tasks so employees can stick to the high-value jobs – we’ve heard this before. Although this statement holds genuine truth, what’s […]

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