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Focus on Customers to Increase Return in Digital Supply Chain

A white paper out, called “Digital Supply Chains: A Frontside Flip” outlines trends in supply chain that could help transform companies over the next five years. One of the main focuses and argument of the paper is that companies need […]

Robots are Taking Over (Jobs) – But That’s Good

As technology continues to develop and robotics in particular gains in AI and dexterity, people are starting to ask if robots are going to take our jobs. The short answer: yes. But that’s a good thing. The thing is, robots […]

towable carts

Towable Industrial Carts

There is a trend in the manual materials handling (MMH) industry to utilize towable industrial carts rather than fork trucks as a solution for moving materials within a facility. Let’s examine the advantages of towable carts for moving materials in […]

Autonomy and Drones Make Gains in Supply Chain

As technologies like autonomous vehicles and drones continues to advance, some developers are finding success in combining technologies and using them in shipping rather than for general consumption. Mercedes-Benz Van Drones Mercedes-Benz is testing a system that would deploy drones […]

Automated Storage and Retrieval Systems

Understanding the Automated Storage and Retrieval Systems of Tomorrow

In virtually every major manufacturing and distribution sector, automated storage and retrieval systems (AS/RS) are employed. Equipment and controls that handle, store and retrieve materials under a defined degree of automation continue to grow in demand. To better understand what […]

Autonomous Vehicles

New Video on MHI View: Autonomous Vehicles in the Warehouse

MHI view just released a new video on Autonomous Vehicles in the Warehouse. Driverless vehicles are coming, but they’re already having a major impact inside distribution centers and warehouses as the front line of the supply chain changes forever. More […]

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