Customer Centric Supply Chains Help Increase ROI

In today’s world, it’s not enough to measure the success of your supply chain by the level of efficiency. Companies that deliver the most return on their investment begin with the customer in mind. As found in research report, Customer-centric supply chains: A license for growth, “research, with top-level executives across nine industries at 900 companies around the globe, shows a few select leaders are transforming their supply chains to contribute to a customer experience that leads to growth. We discovered 10% have been able to successfully reshape their supply chains to create significant impact on their topline growth, versus others.” So what are the top performing companies doing right? According to this report, emphasis should be placed on these four aspects:

  1. A focus on the customer
  2. Invest in digital architecture for innovation and collaboration
  3. Select capabilites that enhance supply chain agility
  4. CEO engagement to ensure broad level support

In addition, companies with the most mature capabilities focus on the following five elements to a successful supply chain:

  1. Blockchain
  2. Design to margin capabilities
  3. Customer and product segmentation
  4. Predictive asset maintenance
  5. Cyber security and data privacy

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