Disposable Internet of Things on the Rise

Much focus has been on Internet of Things (IoT) as it continues to grow and become increasingly intertwined in our everyday lives. While much of the industry has been focused on producing gear and technology made to last long term, a trend is emerging where companies will produce one-shot or temporary connectivity devices for quick consumption and discard.

This is most often seen in connected wristbands, like the ones employed by Disney Parks or the Boston Museum of Science, which allows visitors to scan the bracelet and transmit personal information, unlock areas, or make purchases.

Tostitos is using this temporary connectivity to target Super Bowl Sunday partiers. Tostitos is turning special bags into pseudo-breathalyzers, featuring an alcohol sensor near the log and smart LED lights that generate colors for the results. The steering wheel on the front of the bag lights up blue for standby, red for alcohol detection, and green when you’re alcohol free and gives you and Uber code when it lights up red. The entire electronic system is integrated into the bag.

On other select bags, Tostitos partnered with MADD to offer 25,000 purchasers at $10-off code to Uber on game day. Users scan the barcode on the bag to get the code.

As IoT continues to grow, we’ll find new ways to implement it, in ways that benefit the customer and the company. That’s what keeps supply chain moving forward.