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Does Workplace Culture Really Matter? CEO of Great Place to Work Says Yes.

If you’ve clicked on this article, perhaps you’ve wondered the same thing. Does workplace culture really matter? Sure, we’ve heard that a company can profit from happy employees, but does it really make that much of a difference and is it even possible to have a workplace full of happy people?

Michael C. Bush, CEO of Great Place to Work has the latest data that proves, yes company culture does have a major impact on your company’s performance. Simply put, happy people equals more revenue.

“It’s not about ping pong tables, massages and pet walking;” says Great Place to Work CEO, Michael C. Bush. “The key practices are not expensive at all. Any company can do them.” 

Mr. Bush explains that it’s not about the perks, it’s all about how employees are treated by their leaders and how they are treated by the people they work with. Workers all want the same things – trust and respect. With those fundamentals in the workplace an organization is going to be very strong, stable and happy.

Let’s see where you are – is workplace culture a priority for your organization?

A. Yes, it’s the reason our company achieves maximum results!

B. No, it doesn’t matter what we do our employees always complain.

C. Yes, a little, but we invest most of our time on more important things that drive revenue. 

D. No, but I would like to make it a top priority. 

If you have answered B, C or D, then you are in for a treat. Micheal Bush will be speaking at this year’s 2019 MHI Annual Conference where he will share the latest data about organizations that prioritize a culture of inclusiveness, insights that will help recruit and retain the best talent, and research from his new book of the same name, “A Great Place to Work for All” that will help leaders better understand the employee experience and know what to do. Learn More and Register.