Dr. Sanjay Gupta MODEX Keynote: Lessons from the Pandemic and How to Prepare for What’s Next

As America’s favorite health journalist, Dr. Sanjay Gupta has had insider access to the pandemic including exclusive conversations with the world’s top public health experts and behind-the-scenes scientists who raced to find treatments and cures. During this keynote on March 29, he will share what he’s learned and will answer not only your questions about what happened, but also how our world will change in the years ahead.

Gupta will provide the unvarnished story behind the pandemic, including insights and practical tools to ready ourselves for what lies ahead. By providing hope for the future along with real information, he will leave you more resilient and secure as you plan for what comes next.

Interesting facts about Sanjay Gupta

–Gupta is an assistant professor of neurosurgery at Emory University School of Medicine in Atlanta. He also serves as a neurosurgeon at Emory University Hospital and associate chief of neurosurgery at Atlanta’s Grady Memorial Hospital.

–As an embedded reporter in Iraq, he was asked by Navy doctors to take off his journalism cap and put on his surgical one. He saved a young Lieutenant’s life by performing a craniotomy in a desert tent using a sterilized bit from a drill to remove a massive blood clot and shrapnel. The young man now lives in Southern California.

–Gupta was named one of People magazine’s “Sexiest Men Alive” in 2003.

–He has won multiple Emmy Awards for his program Sanjay Gupta, M.D. on CNN

–Forbes magazine named him “one of the 10 most influential celebrities” in 2011.

–He is the author of several books, including his latest World War C: Lessons from the Covid-19 Pandemic and How to Prepare for the Next One. A limited number of free copies will be available at MODEX on Tuesday, March 29 in MHI Booth C3598.

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