Employee Resource Groups Enhance Workplace Inclusion, Belonging Through Connection

Article from MHI Solutions Magazine

Connection through commonalities is the linchpin of belonging, which is why companies seeking to foster a more inclusive business culture increasingly support the creation of employee resource groups (ERGs) among their ranks. “An employee resource group (ERG) is a supportive, inclusive network of employees who share knowledge, celebrate culture and backgrounds and build meaningful relationships across an organization,” explained Nichelle Grant, head of diversity, equity and inclusion at MHI member Siemens USA. She asserts that ERGs are essential for creating a business culture that is inherently inclusive, as these groups help employees feel a greater sense of belonging within their company.

“They create a winning culture wherein all viewpoints and perspectives are respected and where every employee is invited to contribute,” said Grant. “ERGs build communities, encourage inclusive thinking among colleagues, celebrate the diversity of our workforce and offer programming that expands cultural awareness…

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