Find Your Tribe at MHI’s Women in Supply Chain Events

By Kirstie Lassanske, Marketing Manager, MHI Member Company, StreamTech Engineering

Communication, a word we don’t necessarily read much into. Typically, it is thrown into one of two buckets. Either you do, or you don’t. At the Women in Industry Conference hosted by MHI and MHEDA, we took a more in-depth look at what it means to communicate. Some of the things we explored were:

• How to communicate effectively to different audiences.
• How women, especially in the Material Handling Industry, may face specific challenges that their male counterparts do not.
• How to be more self-assured and re-channel your inner thoughts for positivity and success.

I started the day feeling optimistic but sensed hesitation within myself and from my peers in the room. No one was quite sure what we were about to experience. Every speaker brought a fresh perspective on how we as women have a unique set of communication skills.

Our first session was with Linda Larsen of Linda Larsen Communications, Inc. She set the tone for our entire day. We broke down walls and learned how to redirect our perspectives through the Notice, Stop and Replace method. We also practiced finding the funny in situations. I didn’t realize until we got to the next session that I already felt more unison within the room and had ideas flowing on how I could apply these tactics personally.

Next, we listened and interacted with a panel of women who shared insights on how to face challenges in a face-paced world. We discussed organization tips, how networking is a must and that bringing a “crutch” could hurt more than help. The big takeaway I gathered from these conversations was that while it might be nice to lean on someone, you never know who you may cross paths with if you push your limits and force yourself to network with people outside your circle. Leaving this conference, this item specifically was one of my goals. Being on the more reserved side, I challenged myself to take this lesson and apply it to my next networking opportunity. I did, and while I’ll say it wasn’t perfect, it progressed.

I could go on and on about the many positive and enlightening tidbits I took away from the Women in Industry Conference. One I will leave you with that hit home for me was in the ImprovTalk session with Ellen Schnur she stated, “The only person who has the authority to say if you belong is yourself.” It dawned on me that she was exactly right. I found myself along with the other women at my table all having that ah-ha moment. When I heard what Ellen had to say it made perfect sense. I may not be the topic expert in the room, but I am here because I said I belong.

I participated in the first Women in Industry Conference in 2017 and the follow-up workshop at MODEX 2018. This conference is insightful and rejuvenating. I highly recommend if you are the least bit curious you attend. You will meet amazing women that relate to what you experience within the Material Handling Industry and get a few laughs along the way.

So, when is the next Women in Industry event? Join MHI & MHEDA at ProMat for the Women in Supply Chain Industry Forum on April 10, 2019. Learn more here:

See you there!