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Follow the MODEX Keynote Speakers on Twitter

There aren’t many events where you can hear real-world case studies from thought leaders on topics ranging from stories of leadership to how automation and AI are not competitors to humans, but are part of an extended, augmented human organism. Starting March 9, MODEX will feature 4 powerful keynotes who will both inspire you and give you the tools you need to face future supply chain challenges.

There will be a lot of opportunity in these keynote sessions to share quotes, insights and tidbits from the presentations on Twitter. We recommend you follow the MODEX keynote speakers on Twitter before the event. This way, when you quote a speaker or share a photo from their session, you can easily mention their twitter handle in your tweet. We’ve gathered the Twitter accounts from each speaker below for your convenience. Follow away!

MODEX Speakers:

Nikki Haley, U.S. Ambassador to the United Nations (2017 – 2019) | @NikkiHaley

Conversation moderated by Mitch Mac Donald, Group Editorial Director, DC Velocity


Tan Le, Founder & CEO of EMOTIV | @TanTTLe

The Neurogeneration – The Future is Closer than you Think




George Prest, CEO, MHI | @mhi_ceo

Preview the 2020 MHI Annual Industry Report




Peyton Manning, Legendary Quarterback

Archie Manning, Father of Peyton and Archie Manning

A conversation with Peyton and Archie Manning (No Twitter for these guys, but you can read bios on the MODEX website)



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