Fooooooood! Part 2: Food Trucks in the MODEX Backyard

By Alex Batty, MHI Marketing Communications Coordinator |@mhi_alex

So, I made the mistake of writing this post right before lunch.

And how I’m hungry.


This post is about the food trucks in the MODEX Backyard. It’s gonna be awesome! Seriously guys, this stuff looks amazing.

There are going to be 4+1 food trucks hanging out in the MODEX backyard in addition to other vendor carts that will be available, four savory and one sweet (mmm… cookies).

Rolling into the C Hall at MODEX will be:

Hibachi World


Sushi? Check. Hibachi? Check. Fried spring rolls? Check. They even have shrimp nachos, which look good in the picture… and now I actually kind of want to try them.

The Patty Wagon

This truck has a theme. And that theme is prison. And I love it. They really go all out with it. All of their menu offerings have names on theme! They do burgers and classic sides. This is my kind of food. I’m always down for a good burger. But they have a couple of offerings that… I’m not sure what to think about. Somebody try one of these two burgers and let me know how it goes:

Bootlegger – Maple glazed bacon, BBQ sauce, cheddar cheese, baked beans and slaw

Good Behavior – Strawberry preserves, goat cheese and maple glazed bacon

Hole in The Wall

These guys don’t have a website, but a little detective work found that it’s fried food based – with some classic Southern favorites. Jerk chicken and fried chicken and shrimp are what they’re known for, but they have chicken and waffles, fried fish, or some breakfast classics to round out the menu.

Lets Taco Bout It

Who doesn’t love a good taco? And they have a Korean barbecue one that I now really, really want to try.

Last, but not least (because !!!cookies!!!)

Not as Famous Cookie Company

It’s a mobile bakery on wheels that does COOKIES (man, I’m hungry). The pictures look delicious, and this would be a good way to round off a meal from one of the other trucks.

Food truck pun names always get a chuckle from me. I can appreciate the thought that went into them. Check them out in the Backyard in the C Hall when you’re entering for our giveaways!

(P.S. Cover photos shamelessly stolen from their social channels. Go check them out… but maybe after lunch.)