Supply Chain Webinar

Free Supply Chain Workshop – Preparing for Shaken Fury Earthquake Exercise

Workshop Date / Time: Thursday, May 16, 2019 at 2 PM Eastern

You are invited to a free web based supply chain workshop in preparation for the Shaken Fury 2019 national disaster exercise hosted by the American Logistics Aid Network, MIT’s Humanitarian Supply Chain Lab, and LIFT Nonprofit Logistics.

Through this supply chain workshop you will:

– Provide information on how businesses can participate in the exercise and future supply chain informational calls.

– Discuss anticipated disruption and destruction of public and private logistics infrastructure along with cascading impacts.

– Surface information needed and challenges anticipated during such a scenario.

About Shaken Fury 2019 Natural Disaster Exercise

According to the The Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA);

The exercise will take place from May 29th through June 7th and utilize a 7.7 magnitude earthquake scenario along the southwest segment of the New Madrid Seismic Zone (NMSZ) near Memphis, Tennessee to incorporate response and recovery missions.

The purpose of Shaken Fury 2019 is to evaluate and improve the whole community’s response to a “no-notice” earthquake, identify gaps in resources, and implement a coordinated recovery strategy that prioritizes resources required for the response.

Questions: or 863-668-4238