Get Your Jobs of Tomorrow Fix on Amazon

Our Jobs of Tomorrow docuseries is now even easier to stream. We are thrilled to announce that all 24 episodes of season one are available to watch on Amazon.

By exploring the technology that is changing the future of the workforce, Jobs of Tomorrow helps you get updated on emerging technology. The video delivers specialty knowledge by interviewing executives, engineers, and students preparing to join the supply chain industry.

The Jobs of Tomorrow episode on collaborative automation addresses how employees are adapting to working alongside warehouse robots, while the episode devoted to big data highlights the rising need for data analysts and programmers in the supply chain.

When talking about the future of jobs, sustainability is an impactful force. From improving recycling tactics to sustainable mining practices, several Jobs of Tomorrow episodes dig into green technology. It’s also a subject that we recently broached with supply chain executives in a recent MHIcast.

All of the Jobs of Tomorrow episodes are under 25 minutes in length, making the videos a quick way to learn about specialized topics. In addition to streaming on Amazon, you can also view the full episodes on