GSCI White Paper Provides Best Practices for Developing Supply Chain Integration Strategy

The Global Supply Chain Institute (GSCI) at the University of Tennessee recently came out with white paper, Supply Chain Integration Strategythat redefines the end-to-end integration of the supply chain using a more robust data-based approach. The white paper details best practices that increase value creation across the supply chain including:

– Simplify, streamline, then integrate;

– Create a new breed of holistic supply chain leaders

GSCI also includes a major case study that provides insights on mapping the end-to-end supply chain and other business processes that impact the supply and demand. According to research from GSCI, “True integration work is complex, requires significant resources to map the system, and requires leadership commitment to a long-term increase in the supply chain’s capability.” This is why not all supply chain leaders are able to choose this strategy given the complexity and the amount of resources required.

If you experience a similar challenge, this white paper provides a complete guide for developing a supply chain integration strategy and shows the impact a supply chain leader can have on creating a culture that supports integration.

Learn more by visiting Supply Chain Integration Strategy: Best Practices