HMI Hoist Certification Program promotes product quality and user confidence

by Christie Lagowski

When choosing a hoist for your material handling needs, there are a lot of options to choose from, such as electric chain, wire rope and manual hoists. Not only is the type of hoist important, but you also need to consider the manufacturer and the unique benefits of the specific hoist.

To help make the selection process easier, the Hoist Manufacturers Institute (HMI) developed the HMI Certified Program designed to instill buyer and user confidence in hoists bearing the HMI-Certified mark and the company providing those products.

Receiving HMI Certification
In order for a hoist to be HMI Certified, the supplier must meet strict HMI Guidelines. These include that the supplier must:

  • • Be a manufacturer of industrial hoisting equipment
  • • Have its product meet or exceed every applicable requirement in the standard identified by HMI
  • • Have a qualified, U.S.-registered professional engineer verify, sign and seal that the product meets those requirements
  • • Provide a Declaration of Conformity for technical, service and after-market support

HMI is a leading advocate for the safe and proper operation of hoisting equipment and, for that reason, HMI Certification helps ensure hoists on the market are safe and high-quality.  It also guarantees that manufacturer is committed and able to provde aftermarket service and support for their products.

So, next time you consider purchasing a hoist, look for the HMI-Certified symbol on the product – you can buy these products with confidence, knowing the hoists are best-in-class and meet strict industry standards.

Christie Lagowski is the Communications Specialist with MHI Member Company Columbus McKinnon