How to Choose the Ultimate Picking Cart

Guest blog by MHI Member Company New Age Industrial
When selecting a cart for pick and fulfillment operations, there are many things to consider including shelving types, number of shelves, style of casters and add-on accessories. Each picking cart begins with a base and length, with 36”, 48” and 60” being the most popular options. Once the base is selected, you can begin building your cart.

Number of Shelves

Picking Carts can be built in different heights. Shelf posts are added to the base once you have determined how many shelves you want on the cart. Three or four shelves are recommended for ease of assembly and maneuverability.

Shelving Types

A combination of shelves can be placed on the picking cart, as long as they match the shelf length selected on the base. Shelves like our Solid Brute (SB) shelves work great for small parts and bins. The solid top on them is removable for easy cleaning or replacement. T-Bar adjustable shelves increase the durability and weight capacity of each shelf. Heavy Duty (HD) shelves provide the highest weight capacity and are the most durable.


Most units are typically stocked with two rigid and two swivel casters. An option for two additional swivel casters is available. They are placed on the outside center of the cart on both sides and aid in zero-turning. You can also consider a center, spring-loaded caster that further improves the turning radius and helps the cart navigate through narrow spaces.


Finish outfitting the cart with accessories to improve its functionality. A tube handle improves the overall ergonomics by adjusting its height to match the employee using the cart. A hanging trash can helps maintain a clean facility. It also adds convenience while reducing time-wasting trips. Document trays can be used to store pick sheets or general paperwork. You can also use them to store scanners, tablets, radios, and other process related items. Additionally, the document tray can be filled with water bottles and other personal items. A mini slanted desk accessory provides an ergonomic writing surface that can be used to mount a tablet or clip board for current order information.

Companies like New Age Industrial offer a variety of picking carts and accessories and will gladly customize them as well, so contact a professional today to find out how to get a cart fit for your company’s needs.