Industry Report Released

By Carol Miller, MHI Vice President of Marketing and Communications

Connected. Intelligent. Scalable. Nimble. These are the words used to describe the anticipated outcome of the current transformation of traditionally linear supply chains in the third edition of MHI’s Annual Industry Report, “Accelerating change: How innovation is driving digital, always-on supply chains.”

As evidenced by the title, the report examines the concept of the always-on supply chain, defined as: “An integrated set of supply networks characterized by a continuous, high-velocity flow of information and analytics, creating predictive, actionable decisions that better serve the customer.”

As with the previous two reports, MHI again partnered with Deloitte to conduct a survey of the key decision-makers who helm today’s supply chain networks. And a lot of them had something to say. While the first two report surveys collected input from approximately 450 respondents, this year’s doubled to nearly 900.

The majority of respondents (51%) were senior executives at the C-level, vice presidents and general managers, from companies in manufacturing, distribution and service sectors. Companies ranged from small (less than $10 million in annual sales) to large (more than $10 billion in sales), with half of them reporting annual sales in excess of $100 million and 9% reporting annual sales of $10 billion or more.

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