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Jefferson Davis is Going to Challenge Your Exhibit Strategy

Jefferson Davis

Jefferson Davis is president of Competitive Edge, a highly-specialized consulting and training firm on a mission to inspire, lead and direct businesses on how to more effectively use exhibiting to visibly support core business objectives and generate measurable financial value, far beyond cost.

His mission is achieved by challenging companies to re-evaluate limiting perspectives about exhibiting and focusing them on precision execution of critical exhibiting success factors.

When asked what is the most important key to exhibiting success Jefferson says:

“The single most important key to making tradeshows deliver meaningful and measurable results is to update and expand their company’s exhibiting knowledge base.” 

Even companies who have been exhibiting for years have a hard time explaining the measurable results delivered by their exhibit program. Jefferson believes this is due to lack of training and formal exhibiting knowledge.

In fact, according to Jefferson’s article on The Most Overlooked Key to Exhibiting Success, “only 24% of exhibitors set objectives for trade shows and less than 20% of exhibitors do any form of targeted pre-show marketing.” What’s further shocking is that “84% of booth staffers have never received training on how to work a tradeshow”.

Tradeshows are changing rapidly every year and so is the method to success. This is why it is important to stay educated on the latest marketing and exhibiting tactics (even for the top exhibiting veterans).

Jefferson’s Tradeshow Turnaround philosophy and practices are the industry’s definitive guide to quickly turning tradeshows from “expensive appearances” to “productive, profitable investments.” His services have helped clients generate over $650,000,000 in combined results.


To help facilitate best tradeshow practices, MHI will feature a day of exhibitor education at the ShowPro Live Exhibitor Workshop featuring Jefferson Davis.

ShowPro Workshop
Wednesday, December 7th, Atlanta
See full ShowPro Live Agenda

Jefferson Davis will speak on the following sessions:

General Session
When the Show Closes: Managing the Critical Third Link of the Trade show Success Chain
Jefferson Davis, President, Competitive Edge

First Time ProMat Exhibitors
Show Operations 101//16 Week Tradeshow Planning & Management Tool
Tom Carbott, SVP of Exhibitions, MHI
Jefferson Davis, President, Competitive Edge

First Time ProMat Exhibitors
Integrating MHI Marketing Ops
Jefferson Davis, President, Competitive Edge
Carol Miller, VP of Marketing & Communications Services, MHI