“Jobs of Tomorrow”: Big Data & the Supply Chain

Big data is too big for the human mind to process, but supply chain companies can’t get enough of it. Without reliable data, companies run the risk of making poor predictions about their inventory and travel routes.

The growing importance of big data is examined in episode five of MHI’s “Jobs of Tomorrow” docuseries. Big data’s adoption has been partially fueled by the use of robots and artificial intelligence. Bernard Casse, CEO and Founder of Rios, explains how his company’s AI-powered robotic work cells can provide business intelligence to customers.

This episode also looks at how DHL Logistics uses data to meet its customers’ ever increasing expectations. If you watched our first episode of “Jobs of Tomorrow”, you understand how Covid ramped up the home delivery game.

Thinking about implementing more big data into your operations? Watch this episode to hear the three dimensions a supply chain expert recommends you consider first.

The full version of “Jobs of Tomorrow: How Big Data Drives Big Decisions in Supply Chain” is available on MHI’s website. If you prefer an audio version, you can listen here.