Kellogg pledges to reduce carbon footprint as Oxfam targets big brands

by Carol Miller, MHI VP of Marketing and Communications

Kellogg recently pledged to reduce its carbon footprint, move to sustainable sourcing, and push its supply chain to reduce carbon emissions.

Among the specifics promised by Kellogg: a move to responsible sourcing of its top 10 ingredients by 2020, and an additional 15% decrease in energy usage and greenhouse gas emissions.

The promise follows pressure from environmental groups (like Oxfam America) and consumers for Kellogg to be more environmentally friendly. Kellogg’s announcement comes just weeks after General Mills made a similar pledge.

Oxfam’s Behind the Brands campaign scores leading consumer brands on the environmental impact of their supply chains.We can assume that the remaining companies on Oxfam’s list of worst offenders will face additional stress to put pressure on their suppliers.

The Behind the Brands Scorecard looks at seven themes, weighing each theme equally. The seven themes are:

–Transparency at a corporate level
–Women farm workers and small-scale producers in the supply chain
–Workers on farms in the supply chain
–Farmers (small-scale) growing the commodities
–Land, both rights and access to land and sustainable use of it
–Water, both rights and access to water resources and sustainable use of it
–Climate, both relating to reducing green house gas emissions and helping farmers adapt to climate change

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