Know Your Hoist Duty Service Classification

Knowing and understanding the duty service classification of your hoist is incredibly important.  HMI has recently published The Compendium of Basic Information and Standards for Hoists, listing international standards, and the Comparison of Hoist Duty Service Classifications, comparing duty service calculations of the different standards, so you can compare them and choose the right hoist for your application. Download the Compendium and Comparison at today and view MHI View’s new video, Know Your Hoist Duty Service Classification  to learn more.

About HMI

The Hoist Manufacturers Institute, Inc. (HMI) is an independent trade association affiliated with the Material Handling Industry. HMI’s history starts in 1917 with the Electric Hoist Manufacture’s Association which was dissolved and replaced by the Hoist Manufacturer’s Association in 1956. During this time, hoist performance standards were created. In 1971, these performance standards were published under the Hoist Manufactures Institute name and were the source material for the current ASME Hoist Performance Standards. HMI is a voluntary association which was incorporated as the Hoist Manufacturers Institute, Inc. in 1968. Member companies are the leading suppliers of hoist equipment (hand chain hoists, lever hoists, trolleys, air chain hoists, air wire rope hoists, electric chain hoists and electric wire rope hoists) in North America and continue to be the source advocating hoist safety and performance.