Learn More and Get Involved in MHI Standards

Did you know MHI helps facilitate the development of material handling related standards? The use of standards in material handling helps everyone including users, designers, manufacturers, distributors, installers, etc. deliver consistency and quality products and procedures that make an all-around better and safer industry.

Doesn’t ANSI develop standards?

The American National Standards Institute (ANSI) does not develop, write or review the technical content of standards. ANSI leaves that work up to organizations like MHI, an accredited standards developing organization. MHI acts as a facilitator to help groups of MHI member companies and other companies/organizations in creating standards. ANSI determines whether the process in developing the standard was fair. They also perform regular audits of developers.

Who can participate in the development or review of a standard?

MHI Standards are typically developed within on of MHI’s Industry groups. These groups work together to develop and approve draft standards and then make them available for review. ANSI requires that any “materially affected and interested party shall have the ability to participate” in the development and review of standards. This is typically met through a public review process, giving anyone a chance to participate.

MHI has several product and service specific committees dedicated to developing standards within Material Handling. Download a list of standards and learn more at

Have questions?

Contact MHI’s Director of Standards, Patrick Davison or chat with him on Twitter @mhi_pat.