Meet Jim Gaffigan: Entertainment for Industry Night 2018

By Alex Batty, MHI Marketing Communications Coordinator |@mhi_alex

So when they announced that Jim Gaffigan was going to be the entertainment at Industry Night for MODEX 2018, I was quite pleased (read: fist pumped madly).

If you don’t know who Jim Gaffigan is, he’s a stand-up comic (with specials on Netflix). As an introduction, one of his more famous bits is the one on Hot Pockets… which I have found for you:

🎶Hot Pocket🎶

Every time I hear the jingle I think about this. Topics he often touches on are food (relatable), being Catholic, and other observational comedy, using voices to commentate on his own material right in the bit.

In one of my favorite bits (besides the cake bit below), he talks about food in the South. For those of you who don’t know, MHI HQ is in Charlotte, NC (part of the American South), and to be honest, this observational bit on Southerners is… true. It’s just true.

But I’ll leave you with the bit on cake. Because my coworkers are starting to stare at my poorly stifled giggles and I need to stop looking up clips… FOR RESEARCH. Gotta love my job.

You can get tickets to Industry Night at The ticket price includes beer, wine and hors d’oeuvres, along with the show and a chance to win a trip of a lifetime as the door prize, and a portion of the sales are donated to the Material Handling Education Foundation (MHEFI).