Meet the Speakers at the 2018 MHI Executive Summit

The 2018 MHI Executive Summit is an exclusive, senior-level, one day event for manufacturing and supply chain executive leadership that focuses on the NextGen technology, leading trends and enterprise-level best practices explored in the 2018 MHI Annual Industry Report.

Held October 14, 2018, the MHI Executive Summit will give you the opportunity to explore NextGen supply chain trends and disruptive technologies and learn what’s coming in the next five years – especially how it will impact and disrupt you, your customers, and your operations.

Connect with like-minded executives in an interactive environment to address top-of-mind supply chain topics, challenge the status quo and pave the way for future success.

Qualifications for registration consideration are:
Senior Level Supply Chain Executives of companies that use or are interested in material handling equipment, software, consulting or integration services or C-Level Executives from MHI Member companies.

Our speakers will be:

Gerd Leonhard

The 10 Essential Future Principles Every Supply Chain Leader Needs To Know Right Now
The next 20 years will bring more changes than the past 300 years (and that is not an overstatement). Gerd Leonard will outline the 10 essential principles manufacturing and supply chain leaders need to know to ensure the success of their business and their lives in this digital future.

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John Sileo

Cybersecurity: Empowering Cultural Change
How do you cope with such a wide range of cyber threats and liabilities when you may have little to no technical background? John Sileo leverages his experience working with clients like the Pentagon and Charles Schwab to give you a strategic punch list of action items to reduce your chances of a costly data breach.

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Richie Etwaru

Blockchain – What’s All The Hype?
Dive into blockchain paradigm with Richie Etwaru and learn the fundamentals of how these innovations compare and contrast to past technology. Discover the business and social impact of the blockchain innovation, how it is impacting businesses today and may impact commerce in the longer term.

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Don Bossi

Creating The Workforce Of The Future
The needs of the future workforce are rapidly changing, as technology and businesses evolve at ever accelerating rates. Don Bossi will discuss the culture of innovation, self-disruption, and creativity needed in the next-generation workforce, and what companies can do now to invest in the talent pool of the future.

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