MHI Digital, Always-On Supply Chain Update – Episode Two: the Future of Augmented Reality Wearables

Watch the second episode in the 2017 MHI Digital, Aways-On Supply Chain four-part video series:

The Future of Augmented Reality Wearables is Here

Mobile and wearable technology has advanced a great deal in the past five years, and will continue to do so exponentially. These advances are allowing supply chains to improve their efficiency, training process and worker satisfaction. Businesses that don’t take advantage of this new trend in technology may be left in the dust.

The 2017 MHI Annual Industry Report, in collaboration with Deloitte, reflects the views of 1,100 manufacturing and supply chain leaders on this important topic.

To stay on top of the accelerating pace of change, MHI is embarking on a series of video updates (view episode one) on topics covered in the 2017 report; focusing on projections from leading firms and real-world case studies of the benefits these trends and technologies are having on supply chains and global commerce.

Augmented Reality Wearables

MHI view episodes also focus on the following supply chain technologies:
–Inventory and network optimization tools
–Sensors and automatic identification
–Cloud computing and storage
–Robotics and automation
–Predictive analytics
-Wearable and mobile technology
-3D Printing

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