MHI Executive Summit Preview – Brian Federal

Brian Federal is heavily involved in the world of 3D printing, AI, and robotics. When studying 3D printing, he discovered that it is important to look around at other technologies and see how they interact to influence the development of one another. We shifted very, very quickly from an analog to a digital world, and digital tools have become the path to the future.

The way we deliver product is also shifting rapidly. Not only are delivery methods and e-commerce affecting customer product reception, but the way we’re producing the products is shifting. With 3d printing technology, we can now design a product in one place and then send it anywhere in the world with an Internet connection and a 3D printer and have that product created on site, possibly leading to a product on demand culture as the technology continues to grow.

As a result of the shift from analog to digital, the workforce that companies are hiring looks totally different that it did in the recent past. The education system can’t keep up with the accelerated change happening. The skills currently being taught in classrooms aren’t the skills that will be needed in the workplace when students finally enter the job market. As businesses hire workers, they’ll have to navigate this disparity and continue to push business forward.


Brian Federal is a 3D Printing consultant and the founder of Prana Communications, a full service media production company. A researcher and documentarian, his primary focus has been the evolution of the 3D Printing business sector for his educational multimedia project “3D Printing Revolution.”

Mr. Federal is an international speaker on the subject of 3D Printing with a special focus on education. He is a featured speaker with the Inside 3D Printing conferences and has conducted presentations in Shaghai, New York, Paris and Santa Clara, CA. He has been featured in and contributes to numerous trade publications as well as segments on Huffington Post and NPR.

Taking place on October 16, 2016 in Tucson, AZ, the MHI Annual Conference focuses on key themes identified by the US Roadmap for Material Handling & Logistics and the MHI 2016 Annual Industry Report. Conference participants learn how to utilize these trends and innovations and seize new opportunities that produce tangible results; additionally, they have the opportunity to participate in Product and Solutions Groups meetings that help shape the future of our industry. For more information and to register for the MHI Annual Conference, visit