MHI Industry Groups Planning Educational Sessions at MODEX

MHI Industry Groups are planning 12 sessions during MODEX on a variety of topics.
Members of MHI Industry Groups are the leading providers of solutions in each of their vertical categories.
–MHI Solutions Community – Latest & Greatest Advances @ MODEX 2022
–MHI TRG Presents : The State of the Possible in Material Handling Automation
–MHI MAG Presents: AGVs and AMRs: Sexy Technology with a Solid Business Case
–RMI of MHI Presents: Planning Your Rack System – Traditional and E-Commerce
–MHI’s SLAM Industry Group Presents – Best Practices in the Last 100 Feet of Fulfillment
–ASRS of MHI presents: ASRS as a Solution for e-commerce, Online Shopping Demands, High Transportation Costs, Supply Chain Issues and Product Shortages
–MHI-CSS – The Future of Conveyors & Sortation with the Adoption of AMR’s
–ASRS of MHI presents: Design Considerations for Micro Fulfillment
–SMA of MHI presents: Elevating Warehouse Operations, What You Need to Know about Work Platforms & Shelving
–RMI of MHI presents: Storage Rack Safety 101
–MHI Solutions Community – Supply Chain Disruptions & Recovery – Lessons Learned
–MHI TRG Presents: How to Use “The Buyer’s Journey” to Overcome Obstacles in Material Handling Automation