MHI Releases New White Paper to Help Fix Supply Chain Skills Gap

The MHI Career and Technical Education (CTE) program, in partnership with Dr. David DeLong of Smart Workforce Solutions, released a new white paper addressing the skills gap in supply chain workforce.

The paper was first issued at the 2017 MHI Annual Conference, in the Innovative Workforce Solutions panel, co-produced with National Center for Supply Chain Automation (NCSCA). The paper outlines initiatives that have been launched by companies and educators to implement internship and training programs from scratch to address talent shortages in supply chain. The paper outlines four case studies and identifies 13 critical steps for implementing effective partnerships between companies and schools.

“MHI’s members have identified the shortage in skilled labor as a critical impact factor affecting their companies’ performance,” said Patrick Davison, MHI’s Director of Education and Standards. “Dr. DeLong’s paper outlines tangible steps that companies can take to attract, train and retain employees with the skills employers in the supply chain are demanding.”

The white paper can be downloaded for free at