MHI’s Resources Can Help You Meet Sustainability Goals

Many large companies have made bold commitments to implement sustainability measures. A report from the nonprofit Energy & Climate Unit found: “Of the world’s 2,000 largest public companies, at least one-fifth (21%) now have net zero commitments, representing annual sales of nearly $14 trillion.”

To reach these net zero goals, companies will have to scrutinize every layer of their supply chain. As our MHIview Supplier Leadership on Climate Transition video states, “On average, over 90% of  a company’s greenhouse gases come from its supply chain or its Scope 3.” As these emissions are external to a company, it is a daunting task to measure them. However, with big firms pushing to revamp their supply chains; suppliers will gain a competitive edge if they learn how to tackle emissions now.

Supplier LoCT Program Teaches How to Measure and Reduce Emissions

To help firms reach their sustainability goals, MHI has introduced a Supply Chain Sustainability Resource Center. In the center, you can find information about our Supplier Leadership on Climate Transition (LoCT) program. This is an ambitious partnership between MHI and Guidehouse that will train companies how to set targets and implement projects to reduce the emission of greenhouse gases.

The Supplier LoCT is an online program, available to MHI members, that teaches companies how to follow the above steps.


MHI Members
To learn more about the Supplier LoCT program, register for our informational webinar on May 25 at 12 PM ET.

Resources available in the MHI Supply Chain Sustainability Resource Center

In addition to the Supplier LoCt program, you can also find the following in the MHI Supply Chain Sustainability Resource Center:

• Sustainability video series by Economist and Futurist Jason Schenker
MHI Solutions articles about sustainability
• Podcasts that relate to sustainability
• MHI’s Annual Industry Report: Transparency, Sustainability, and the Case for Business