Microsoft Revamping for Next-Generation Supply Chain

In the 2017 MHI Annual Industry Report, we talked about next-generation supply chains – they’re digital, always on, and produce on demand.

And it’s here.

It’s not some future thing that we need to think about someday. It’s not some sci-fi dream. Next-generation supply chains are being integrated today.

Microsoft is jumping in feet first. They’ve revamped their supply chain to be connected, and has started a project for fully integrated smart city.

The tech giant is teaming up with SAP Ariba and Intrigo Systems to create a platform to support efficient manufacturing of products including the Xbox and Surface.

Managing their network of manufacturers and suppliers was critical to creating a modern supply chain. From the new platform, Microsoft can work with all involved in their supply chain, including processes like:

  • – Sharing production forecasts, orders, quality, and inventory information
  • – Anticipating and resolving supply assurance problems
  • – Onboarding suppliers

You can check out a previously recorded webinar detailing how it works and the successes it’s seen at