MODEX Day 3: Rowe and Gaffigan Were Awesome

Day three was amazing! We of course have the daily recap video that we’ll link you to, but we have to talk about the highlights of the day:

2018 Annual Industry Report – The fifth edition of the report was introduced April 11 in a special panel discussion led by George Prest, CEO of MHI, and Scott Sopher, Principal at Deloitte Consulting LLP. The report discusses how supply chain practitioners can overcome barriers to NextGen supply chain innovation. You can download the full report here.

Mike Rowe was the afternoon keynote and discussed why dirty jobs matter and encouraged attendees to change the way they look at opportunities and consider the career path less traveled. the importance of why you should always overdeliver to your customers. He also paid a surprise visit to hundreds of students as part of Student Days and spoke on choosing educational paths that can lead to different kinds of careers.

Wednesday night was Industry Night, a party full of food, drinks, awards, and entertainment as Jim Gaffigan performed a set.

Check out the full recap video here.