MODEX emerging technologies theater to feature educational opportunities on robotics, automation other nextgen supply chain solutions

The MODEX emerging technology theater will include sessions on some of the most innovative manufacturing and supply chain trends and technologies. From automation and robotics to last mile solutions and AI, this innovative theater will inform you not only on what’s new, but what’s next in supply chains.

Sessions include:

–Logistic AGV: Sensor Selection and LiDAR

–Warehouse Automation: Beyond the Robot

–The Smartest Warehouse: Cloud-based Warehouse Management And A Look At the Future of Logistics Execution

–Collaborative Robots: Re-shaping Manufacturing, Packaging and Distribution

–Cutting Through the Autonomous Mobile Robotic Clutter

–The Last 500ft, Autonomy Solutions for Commercial Public Spaces

–Indoor Autonomous Drones for Inventory Management

–Grasping The Concept of Reinforcement Learning

–Legged Robots for Last 50 Feet Delivery

–The Changing Face of Manufacturing

–Warehouse Automation ROI: Calculation Tips and Tricks

–Aerial Inventory Robots: Industrial-Grade Autonomous Drones For Inventory Management

–How to Include the Workforce and Speed Up Robot Deployment

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