MODEX Showcases Innovations to Address Challenges

Article from MHI Solutions Magazine

The speed, volume and complexity of the global supply chain continues to increase with the support of innovative technology that helps move goods more efficiently and safely. The 2024 MODEX exhibit hall was filled with over 1,200 exhibitors displaying the most up-to-date solutions for supply chain challenges. Ten of the innovative leaders were:

ArcBest: Vaux Smart Autonomy

The combination of MHI member ArcBest’s Vaux Freight Movement System and Vaux Smart Autonomy marks a significant shift in freight logistics. This innovative approach that was showcased at MODEX features a customizable mobile freight platform that transforms how trailers are loaded and unloaded. Designed to allow a trailer to be unloaded in minutes rather than hours, this system also makes previously unstackable items like all-terrain vehicles stackable. Loading the platform outside the trailer and then moving it in as a single unit eliminates multiple forklift entries, which enhances safety and minimizes freight damage.

Michael Newcity, chief innovation officer of ArcBest and president of ArcBest Technologies, emphasized the groundbreaking nature of this development. “The process of loading and unloading trailers has not changed in a hundred years, so this platform is truly a disruptive innovation,” he stated. The platform’s mobility streamlines warehouse operations by reducing the frequency of handling materials, which improves productivity and overall operations…

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