MODEX Transportation & Logistics Theater to feature education sessions on digital supply chains, unichannel fulfillment, cold chain, 3PLs and more

The MODEX transportation & logistics theater will include sessions on some of the most innovative logistics trends and technologies. From digital supply chains to last mile solutions and unichannel fulfillment, this innovative theater will inform you not only on what’s new, but what’s next in the transportation and logistics space.

Sessions include:

–Using NextGen Technologies to Build Sustainable Food Supply Chains

–The Top 15 Logistics Tactics To Sell Your Product In Walmart

–State of the Transportation & Logistics Industry

–From EDI to API: How we’ll Digitize Supply Chains

–Unichannel Fulfillment: The Three Megatrends Impacting the Past, Present and Future of Commerce

–5 Steps to Improve Your Marketing and Sales

–Hype vs. Reality: Sifting Through the Noise

–2020 Vision | Exploring Next-Gen Routing Software vs. Legacy Platforms

–Reducing Accidents & Increasing Productivity in Urban Delivery Zones: The Features and Benefits of the Class 6 FTR & NPR Line Up

–The Business Intelligence (BI) Journey: How Technology and Customer Needs are Evolving Supply Chain Strategies

–Partnering with A 3PL: Best Practices for a Successful Relationship

–Automation Done Right: How to Navigate the Ocean of Robotics Providers

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