New Member Resource: About The Material Handling Industry Presentation

The material handling industry spans across nearly every industry in the world, powers $173.2 billion towards the US economy and supports nearly 1.6 billion jobs. Despite its size, material handling remains largely unknown as an industry because its work is done behind the scenes of the greater supply chain.

Whether it’s the employee’s first day on the job or a business owner trying to navigate their own growing supply chain needs, the learning curve can be steep and intimidating for those new to the industry. MHI’s new resource for members, Introducing the Material Handling Industry, provides a helpful overview to those wanting to learn more about the vast and powerful industry.

The document includes:

– Introduction to Material Handling Industry
– Economic Impact of the Material Handling Industry
– Material Handling Industry Jobs and Career Paths
– Material Handling Workforce Demographics
– Overview of Material Handling History starting from 1950

We hope this document provides the information you need to help others learn and discover more about our amazing industry. For more resources, view the Material Handling Industry Informational Videos below.

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