New Supply Chain Automation Technician Certification Supports Workforce Supply

Driven by COVID-19, the supply chain is seeing an increase in automation technology needed to keep up with a long-term shift towards e-commerce (orders shipped directly to consumers out of large distribution centers). The act of shopping online is not knew, but the rate at which consumers are choosing this purchasing behavior over in store shopping in unprecedented and increasing at an exponential rate. MHI’s Roadmap Report, Transformation Age: Shaping Your Future, predicts that post COVID-19 there will be a new normal that supply chain companies must start adjusting to now.

With today’s use of supply chain automation expanding, the need for maintenance technicians who can service these systems will exceed the current workforce supply. To help facilitate the training for these skilled labor roles, the Manufacturing Skill Standards Council (MSSC) announced a new, industry-led, nationally portable Certified Technician in Supply Chain Automation” (CT-SCA) hands-on training and certification program. This program will train supply chain automation technicians on installation, maintenance, support and operations of automated material handling equipment and systems which operate the supply chain.

George Prest, CEO of MHI, stated, “I would like to add my congratulations to MSSC on the launch of the CT-SCA training and certification program. MHI has a long history of supporting education and technological innovation.  They are key factors in the success of our membership in building the equipment and the software needed to ensure America’s global leadership in supply chain and logistics.  We are, and continue to be, pleased to join MSSC in developing and validating the national standards that provided the substantive foundation for CT-SCA. We will support and promote this new, high-quality certification within our membership.”

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