New Video on MHI View: How Automation is Rising to the Challenge of Increased Customer Demand

E-commerce has revolutionized order processing, and supply chain professionals are rising to the challenge by embracing new, innovative forms of automation. With collaborative robots, increased customer assistance, and data analytics, distribution centers are evolving to meet increasing demand.

In this video on MHI View, How Automation Is Rising to the Challenge of Increased Customer Demand, Connor Pehrson, Director of Product Management at Packsize International, speaks to how the demand in the market (movingĀ from two day shipping to one day shipping to same day shipping) has driven them to build out their automation spectrum.

By boosting automation to meet goals, distribution centers have also been able to cut packaging and shipping times. Companies have begun programing automatic storage and retrieval systems to interpret incoming customer data to retrieve orders. Learn more about strategies, technology and trends in automaton for meeting customer demand by viewing the full video on MHI View.