New Video on MHI View: MHI Next-Gen Supply Chain Update: Automation

79% of this year’s Annual Industry Report survey respondents believe that artificial intelligence or AI will become a supply chain core competency within only three years. Investment in supply chain innovation is at a critical inflection point and falling behind now could inhibit your ability to compete. That’s why the 2019 Annual Industry Report includes a digital adoption frame work with four stages of adoption. Each stage of adoption is represented by an episode on MHI View.

This episode of our four part series focuses on the second stage of digital adoption, automation. Automation leverages systems, robotics and augmenting technologies to perform repetitive, resource-intensive tasks. The goal is to optimize operations for speed, reliability and safety.

View the full video on MHI View to learn more.

MHI view episodes also focus on the following supply chain technologies:
–Inventory and network optimization tools
–Sensors and automatic identification
–Cloud computing and storage
–Robotics and automation
–Predictive analytics
-Wearable and mobile technology
-3D Printing

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