New Video on MHI View: Sensors and Data Management

As part of MHI’s ongoing video program, this new episode focuses on: Sensors and Data Management

Sensors are becoming more and more important in inventory management. But the data those sensors produce is quickly becoming the most important asset in Industry 4.0. To get the most value out of your sensor data make sure you have a robust database system ready to receive it so you can interpret and act on it. Large volumes of data from a variety of wireless sensors needs a lot of bandwidth to transmit soothly. Different sensors also may not deliver their data in the same format. Your database should be set up before hand to process and store these different data sets in a way that makes them useful for your business goals. Learn more and view the full video.


MHI view episodes also focus on the following supply chain technologies:
–Inventory and network optimization tools
–Sensors and automatic identification
–Cloud computing and storage
–Robotics and automation
–Predictive analytics
-Wearable and mobile technology
-3D Printing

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